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“That's what I'm talking about!!”

Turn your down time into NOW time.

Have an urgent report or contract you need to get your head around? Burning the midnight oil to get that essay assessed or fine-tuned?
How about you just need to rehearse a speech or practice a presentation?
Can't focus on the pages because you're driving, pounding the pavement
or working out those glutes at the gym?
Let Listen Now read for you.
On a long plane, train, bus, or ocean voyage and feeling a bit weary?
Cramming for an exam and you just can't bear to look at another page?
Rest those tired eyes and let Listen Now do the heavy lifting.

The essential app for students, teachers, executives, writers, lawyers, managers, well... basically anyone who needs to read for work or study.

Read files from iCloud, Google Drive or Google Docs.
You can also import a PDF or DOCX directly into the app from an email attachment or another supported social media link.

It's that easy to get started with Listen Now.
No sign up or log in requirement. Listen Now does not keep any of your personal information.



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For less than an Irish coffee a month get access to our amazing features.

• Add useful NOTES or comments to your READ. Share them between devices or with others.
• Quickly PREVIEW edits/changes to your READ. Share them between devices or with others.
• Enjoy uncapped READS when your device is in background mode..
• Turn on and off lines to be read. Lets you focus on sections of your READ.
• Take advantage of our powerful rehearsal tools. When you need to nail that speech or presentation.
• Assign different voices to different lines of your READ.
• No ADS.
If you only need our features for a short time, then we'll unlock PLUS mode for 2 hours
if you watch 1 full ad.

Please Note:
Listen Now is not designed to aid you in the formatting or presentation of your documents. It also cannot modify or edit the original or imported copies of your documents. Within the App the text of your document is broken down and displayed in the App as smaller more manageable chucks of text. These text chunks are designed to integrate easily with the App’s functionality. Listen Now will not load or display any images that may be a part of your documents. Listen Now will not read text from embedded scanned pages of a document or from images that contain text as part of the image.

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